About Working Dog Worx

Working Dog Worx was formed in January 2012 as my list of websites and computer-related favors was growing to the point where it was eating away at much of my personal time. Along with the websites, there were the many personal favors of computer assistance, cleanups, and lessons. As the requests piled up it became apparent that I needed to setup some servers and organize my favors into clients. Working Dog Worx was born.

The name is similar to a faux business name from an academic project, “Working Dog Programming”. I used the same sketch of my family’s first Komondor, Butch, drawn by our good friend Joe Martin. My husband Jimmy read somewhere that having an “X” in a business name was good luck.

The first website hosted was our dog breed’s regional club website, Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club. I was hosting it on a Windows server with no real framework holding the site together, so updates were tough and unorganized. I reworked the site into a blog, moving it over to a new Linux server with WordPress driving the content. Soon after that I began blogging myself, and moved my personal domain to the same setup.

Approaching the end of the first year I have several clients providing website design, setup, support, and hosting on both Windows and Linux servers. In addition to the web stuff, I provide telephone and web-based support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and various desktop applications. Oh, I am also a VB.Net consultant too. I like to keep many hats.

Have a great day and thank you for visiting.